• vSoC is also the world’s first all-inclusive software product for decentralization of edge computing, data center `and IoT
  • SynchroKnot’s vSoC poised to eliminate the need for centralized cloud computing; expected to rake in USD 8 billion in 5 years;
  • Special offers for IITs and premier research institutions

Bangalore , 08th December 2021: SynchroKnot, the Originator and Leader of cloud computing and data center & decentralization software and technology, today announced the launch of a new software product that will ensure a paradigm shift in the way Cloud computing, edge computing, data center and IoT is perceived and implemented in practice today. Called Virtual System on Chip (vSoC), the software is expected to reduce the cost associated with data centre hardware infrastructure, cooling, and software licensing by 30-50 times.

With countries increasingly getting weary about data protection and the need for data localisation, the home-based solution has the potential to massively boost the local infrastructure to match global standards. The need to secure data and enable their judicious use for public good has been a topic of debate for quite some time now.

This technology can be used at the individual level without corporate and government bureaucracy with its model that provides a “Decentralized Datacenter”. “The Datacenter is No More! — It is a Data DeCenter, a Decentralized Datacenter,” said Mehul Sharma, founder of SynchroKnot and Creator of the Virtual System on Chip, speaking about the product. “The opportunity for a global impact on commanding viewer attention. Our value creates a $50 Trillion potential,” he added.

The direct use of blockchain technology will ensure that intermediaries are eliminated, inflation will have zero impact and also ensure abundant growth for enterprises.

“The new genre in technology must have software and hardware components that are stable, trusted and used extensively globally to have proven their efficiency in their respective parts. So now people have a situation where they need something drastically new, yet that same “new” has to be trusted, stable and proven at the same time. This is a situation which is difficult-to-almost impossible to match,” added Sharma..

“Be your own Cloud provider with no more dependence on public cloud providers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others,” said Sharma. In the sluggish global economy, the SynchroKnot solution can give regions the competitive edge over existing technologies which are complex, expensive and difficult to move away from, he added.

“While keeping the intention of delivering unique value by developing this product over 8 years, we are unveiling this product today for the global markets. The licenses for the Virtual System on Chip will be available soon from our authorized System Integrators.”

This technology can strengthen India’s position in the world of AI and Cloud computing. SynchroKnot estimates that by 2026 the company could have revenues of over $7.5 billion just from direct software sales, and with additional consulting, remote managed and support services, it is expected to be between $12-15 billion. For the Indian government and mid and high enterprise in India, at the most basic level, the product is expected to save at least $500-800 billion.

The company will have special offers for IITs and premier research institutions.