Exclusive content to guide mothers on mind & body wellness during pregnancy

CHENNAIMarch 9, 2020:Prenatal-Yoga-With-Ms-Sameera-Reddy LifeCell International, India’s premier stem cell bank and mother & child diagnostics company today announced the launch of its signature film on ‘Prenatal Yoga’ in partnership with Ms. Sameera Reddy on the occasion of International Women’s Week.

Prenatal Yoga is a wellness exercise for expectant mothers that encourages stretching, relaxation and focused breathing. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep, apart from providing strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. Yoga as a regular exercise has been available and accessible to everyone and being practiced by many to stay healthy and fit. However Prenatal Yoga was seldom available and hence the benefits of Yoga wasn’t accessible for expectant mothers.

LifeCell created this film in its endeavour to help expectant mothers nurture their pregnancy and approach birthing with confidence. The film will take them through various postures and exercises necessary to stay fit and add to her confidence.

The Prenatal Yoga Film: During pregnancy the body undergoes various changes and the woman has to cope up with these changes. The film has been created to emphasize Yoga exercises and postures during pregnancy and features Ms. Sameera Reddy, who herself has performed the exercises during her final stages of pregnancy. The film focuses on deep relaxation and rejuvenation techniques and prepares the woman to deal with her body and mind and connect with the baby. In addition, the film also aims in overcoming the inactivity, lethargy and mood swings that are usually habitually associated with pregnancy. The film has been specially structured for all 3 trimesters, to meet the requirement of every expectant mother and designed as ‘do it yourself’ under expert guidance from Yoga expert ‘Ms Kadambari Ravi‘.

Mr. V. Ravi Shankar, Chief Brand & Communication Officer, LifeCell, said, “We are proud to launch this initiative from LifeCell, which we are sure, will help expectant mothers experience the journey of pregnancy & parenting with more confidence. At LifeCell, we have always believed in engaging with our audience with such value-added innovations to help them rejoice and approach birthing with confidence. We are fortunate and delighted to partner with Ms Sameera Reddy in creating this signature film on Prenatal Yoga who is a Yoga practitioner herself.”

Speaking on this initiative, celebrity actress and mother of two Ms. Sameera Reddy said, “Positive affirmations and Yoga strengthen our bodies in the sacred 9 months. It will help you stay aligned emotionally and physically and prepare you to welcome your bundle of joy. I have been an avid Yoga practitioner while I was pregnant and have experienced immense benefits myself.

Hence this partnership with LifeCell brings me an opportunity to help expectant mothers nurture their motherhood journey with good health, wellness and confidence. I am delighted to share my experience with them through this film.”

Kadambari, who has been Sameera’s yoga instructor, recommends that Prenatal Yoga, breathing exercises & pranayams should be an essential part of the daily routine of every expectant mother.

This signature film will currently be available for exclusive access to expectant couples who engage with LifeCell during the process of preserving their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells at birth.

Expectant mothers can contact LifeCell at 1800-266-5533 or visit www.lifecell.in for more information and to get their full access rights to the film.