India, January 10, 2020:SevenWorldsOnePlanet_Adult King Penguins.jpg Millions of years ago, incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating seven extraordinary continents. Starting January 20th at 9PM, Sony BBC Earth will take you on this incredible journey via a 7-part series ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ revealing how each distinct continent has shaped the extraordinary animal behavior and biodiversity found there.

Narrated by the Godfather of Natural History – Sir David Attenborough and set to a beautiful musical score by Hans Zimmer, ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ is the biggest series on biodiversity ever produced. It is shot over 4 years in 38 countries by a crew of over 1500 people worldwide and is the first time BBC Studio has explored all the planet’s continents in a single series.

SevenWorldsOnePlanet_Cheetah_Iconic_Africa.jpgThe series has many ‘filming first’ moments and technological innovations such as Sir David Attenborough shooting with the last 2 northern white rhinos on Earth, the crew capturing the largest aggregation of great whales ever filmed, capturing the firefly spectacle using motion control tracking time-lapse camera and many more moments, making it a visually spectacular and heart-warming watch.

‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ not only celebrates the diversity of life on each of these continents, but also features the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity. Rated 9.5 on IMDB, the series will surely leave the viewers spellbound with unknown, unseen and unexpected wildlife stories from each continent. Additionally, with Sir David Attenborough’s narration and emphasis on climate change affecting biodiversity, the series surely hits the right chord.

The breath-taking seven-part series – ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ premieres on 20th January, at 9:00 pm only on Sony BBC Earth