With over 1000 active Home Chefs & 20,000 households served, FoodyBuddy to onboard 100,000 Home Chefs by end of 2019

FoodyBuddy brings communities together over traditional, comforting, trusted home-cooked food

Bengaluru, December 12, 2018: FoodyBuddy, a neighborhood food network that enables consumers to sell home-cooked food, has raised INR 6 crore in pre-Series A funding from Prime Venture Partners. FoodyBuddy brings together passionate home chefs and foodies who live in the same neighbourhood. People discover and consume fresh, comforting, authentic home-cooked meals from trusted sellers in their community. Residents of more than 100 apartment communities are using FoodyBuddy, which has sold more than 250,000 meals till date and reaches 20,000 households. The company is planning to use the funds to expand into new geographies, and build the network in Bengaluru.

FoodyBuddy provides a platform where anyone who loves to cook can express themselves through food. In a country where food is taken very seriously, FoodyBuddy will provide a number of Home Chefs to showcase their talent, sell home-cooked meals and create a brand for themselves. Anyone with a passion for cooking; from professionals, homemakers, doctors to grandparents can join FoodyBuddy’s network of Home Chefs. Home Chefs work at their own pace and often are specialists in one or more cuisines. FoodyBuddy provides them with flexibility and an easy to use interface to create and sell what they want and when they want. FoodyBuddy is also helping preserve age-old, traditional, family recipes from all around India and introducing them to wider audiences. Long-lost recipes which are disappearing from households due to the paucity of time or skill are given new life by Home Chefs on FoodyBuddy.

For buyers, who are predominantly working professionals, FoodyBuddy let’s you find neighbours who make simple, comforting, home-cooked food everyday and also regional specialities that cannot be found outside of homes. Since the food on FoodyBuddy is being bought and sold between neighbours, there is a high degree of trust in the platform that the buyers are getting reliable, high-quality food.

Millions of Home Chefs and households in India could benefit from a platform like FoodyBuddy. The Home Chef category is growing by leaps and bounds owing to the steep rise in consumer demand for fresh, traditional, comforting home-cooked meals. The industry is pegged to touch ₹4,08,040 crore by end of 2018 according to a study by  National Restaurant Association of India.

Founded by Akil Sethuraman, Rachna Rao and Anup Gopinath in June 2015, FoodyBuddy has been piloting the service since early 2017. While the focus until now has been gated communities, FoodyBuddy has launched a new offering for  Home Chefs who live in independent residences and sell food on the platform. The company is currently operational in Bengaluru with plans to expand to 5 other cities in the next 12 months. FoodyBuddy is available for download both on Android and iOS.