Panel discussion hosted by Deeksha deliberating over ways to deal with modern-day academic challenges to help shape the architects of tomorrow

BENGALURU, 23th OCTOBER 2018: Deeksha Learning, India’s leading education services company, hosted an engaging panel discussion today on ‘Does the Higher Secondary Education System need a paradigm shift’’ at the St. John’s Medical College, Bengaluru. The panel featured thought-leaders and stalwarts from the education fraternity, namely Sami Ulla (CEO, Manipal Academy of Health & Education), Dr Mohammad Sayeed (Committee member of NCERT, Founder – Dr Sayeed Academy, Bengaluru), Dr Geetha Appachhu (Psychologist, Founder – SwaPreran), and Prashanth Prakash (Managing Partner, Accel).

These are exciting times for the education sector in India. While there are new challenges, there are new opportunities too. It’s not just technology that is evolving, but also the ecosystem that is increasingly oriented towards ensuring the wellness of a child through diverse mediums. The discussion, hosted by Deeksha, was thought-provoking and the expert panellists provided novel insights to devise a formula, for scripting the success story of education in India.

Dr Sridhar G, Founder – MD, Deeksha, who was also the moderator for the event said, “The objective of today’s panel discussion is to address the current challenges in the higher secondary education space and provide viable solutions that cater to the wellness of our young citizens. The question before us today is whether the higher secondary education system in India needs a paradigm shift. What is the way forward for the education sector? How can we keep pace with the ever-evolving academic, cultural and global pressures, without hampering the quality of education and holistic growth of our children?”
The engrossing discussion revolved around five key aspects, followed by a stimulating Q&A session. The discussion primarily revolved around the wellness of a child. Right from the importance of ensuring a strong foundation in emotional and mental wellness, to focusing on building responsive relationships, demonstrating problem-solving abilities and learning new skills, the session underlined the need for incorporating wellness programmes at educational institutes.
Another aspect discussed was, how institutes can help children balance the growing academic pressure, analyse the difference between conceptual understanding and rote learning, while

emphasising on the need to simplify the academic structure. The need of the hour is to build a synchronised system of learning that can help ease the unhealthy exam stress.

A fundamental discussion was, ‘How can technology help make education more interactive and accessible?’ Tech-based educational programs are making personalised learning a reality for children, while curated content through digital platforms and remote access to study materials help design a comprehensive academic structure that caters to the demand.

It’s not easy to maintain the balance between needs and demands. Educational institutes today, more than ever before, are plagued by the challenges of balancing quality resources. The subsequent session focussed on the myriad issues in hand – including availability of quality education in the government sector.

Finally, the moot question that concluded the discussion was ‘How can quality education be accessible to every child and how can children be prepared to face the real world?’ The panellists concurred that it is important for every educational institute to contribute towards wellness programs and pave the way for a brave new world where quality education can become a reality for all.

Shedding light on the significance of hosting a dedicated discussion on the higher secondary education system in India, Promod Gupta, CEO, Deeksha, said, “Education, per se, in India today is facing multiple challenges – right from the mounting competitiveness and evolving academic structure that requires constant stimuli to be at par with the best. Deeksha, over the last 20 years, has been making earnest efforts to build a holistic educational environment characterised by continual learning, conceptual understanding, value-oriented education and tailor-made teaching. The panel discussion touched on several key topics and will lay the foundation for a brighter educational future for India.”

Deeksha works towards “Nurturing Success of Every Child”. The company’s mission is to provide an effective and caring academic environment that nurtures original thinking and creates young, confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society.