~McDonald’s introduces two exclusive combos for Ramzan~

Bengaluru, May 29, 2018: Ramzan is just around the corner and McDonald’s is all set to invite its patrons for a ‘Daawat’. Starting May 17, McDonald’s is introducing two exclusive combos:Festive Combo and Chicken Combo for Ramzan. The exclusive menu consists of various products ranging from savory veg and non-veg burgers, wraps, naans, sides, and desserts.

SHOP FRONT SOUTHThe new combos will be available in all restaurants across west and south region. The FestiveCombo comes with a choice of scrumptious burger, naan or wrap paired with famous fries along with soft serve hot fudge and a Coke.

The Chicken Combo in west will consist of spicy Chicken patty, Chicken strips, and Chicken McNuggets with Coke while the same will be available in south with Chicken wings, Chicken strips, Chicken McNuggets with Coke along with our newly launched Sriracha sauce. The combos start at Rs.159.

So, come and celebrate Ramzan with McDonald’s Daawat, at a restaurant near you!