Design Your Dream offered by Spread Design Barn for 10-15 year olds is designed to harness the creativity and imagination of every child in a structured way.
Bengaluru, 7 April 2018: Holiday camps for children and teenagers is not a new idea. However, this unique camp, Design Your Dream, takes the idea of a holiday activity camp to a new level.
Design Your Dream, by Spread, helps children in the age group of 10 – 15 years become not just dreamers, but creators, and gives them the necessary skills and training to actively create their own future. Unlike other activity-based camps, Design Your Dream (DYD) wants children to observe the reality around them, and to be curious; to ask ‘why’, ‘why not’ and ‘what if’, questions.
In the first such camp, participants will question the food on their plate. Around the broad theme of Food Sense, kids will find answers to questions such as “Who grows our food?”, “What will food in the future be?” and more.
A three-step process — Dream, Design, Do — gives the children both theoretical and practical skills in imagining and creating their specific futures. Combined with active classroom sessions, field visits, interaction with experts, live demos and more, the camp makes learning a fun, engaging and a mindful experience.
IMG-20180407-WA0000Sonia Manchanda, the Chief Creative Officer at Spread, says, “There are a lot of activity camps for young kids but the focus seems to be on the same 5-6 subjects children learn in school. Design Your Dream is different. Ethnography, design research, sensitisation to the world around them – these are what we want to build. Here, the focus is on giving kids the toolkits and allowing them to build their own learning.”  The experienced designers at Spread, led by Sonia, have created this program as an expansive design learning experience for children.
Children are naturally creative and deserve the opportunity to expand their thoughts and dream; the guidance to shape their ideas, the skills to craft their vision of the future. They will be guided by designers to create prototypes of tech and non-tech products, to build narratives and craft communication.
Participants will become aware of what’s in their family’s food shopping basket and what’s in their plate. To grow that awareness further, they will be sensitized to the plates of those children who are less fortunate. They will understand food from a nutrition, safety, equity, and sustainability perspective.
This will be followed by introductions to technologies, innovations and disruptive ideas from across the world. And be encouraged to imagine, to see things beyond what exists today, to look into their future.
Sonia says, “At DYD, we want to make sure that children learn to work independently, and in teams. Each activity will see kids form powerful teams of 4, and complete various tasks. We give training in design research, dreamcatching, ethnography, and assist children during insighting, brainstorming, and ideascaping sessions. We will help them realise their dream as a product, film, a story or a service. Experts will help them design, build and boldly present their solutions.”
By being part of DYD, kids will learn to be creative and act with a purpose, make the transition from imagining to making, take charge, versus just following steps. The biggest takeaway possibly through hands-on learning is that they would be able to take responsibility of their own nutrition.
The camp begins on 18th April and continues till the 05th of May, and will have two batches. The morning sessions begin at 10 AM and will continue till 12:30, and the second session begins at 3:00 PM to 05.30 PM for two and half hours. The workshop-learning camp is priced at Rs. 12500, and will give children a hands-on, structured learning experience at a unique new facility – the Spread Design Barn.
The Design Barn, a 10,000 sq ft. facility in Bangalore, is India’s first Integrated Design Center and Creative Platform. It’s a multifunctional space that design learning programs, host events and incubate projects. The Design Barn has been set up to enable design access for everyone and to bridge the Design Gap in India – by enabling startups, design enthusiasts, professionals, senior leadership  and even children to learn new skills, create new products and businesses, and spread their impact.
Spread also offers Dream School, a design program for middle schoolers, as a weekly session on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1.5 hours during term time.
Spread is a transdisciplinary design firm, where design is strategy, design is craft, and design is life. Spread works with various organizations, government bodies, institutions, and individuals on large and transformative projects. Noteworthy projects include: working with the National Highways to make the Indian Highways more people friendly, working with the Agriculture Minister, Karnataka to make Karnataka the Millets capital of the world, etc.. In the education space, Spread has worked with Manipal Global, PANA PU College, Wadhwani Foundation, Delhi Public School, Oakridge International, among others.
To know more about the camp, and to help give your child a strong foundation in creativity, design, and research, register at