Bangalore, 14th March 2018, The city of Bangalore will now get a taste of East Indian cuisine with the arrival of EatWater, an East Indian food studio which was officially launched today in the presence of Mr. Chiraag Paul, Managing Director of Proem Hospitality.

TFP_9766Located on Lavelle Road, “EatWater” is Proem Hospitality’s first experience in the “Smart Casual Dining” segment. It is based on the robust cuisines of East India, mainly Meghalaya, Orissa, Assam and predominantly Bengal and looks to provide a guided gastronomical experience in a studio format. EatWater looks to entertain their patrons with an experience which is abstract in ambiance but extraordinary to the palate. It features a crisp menu in the form of platters and strives to provide a 360° experience of the cuisine. Coupled with a wine pairing experience this is a first for the cuisine within this segment.

The interiors follow a similar philosophy as the food. It is minimalist yet abstract in nature with multicolored brush stroke paintings on the walls. The understated ambiance created by instrumental music gives the restaurant further character along with an open kitchen which makes the experience far more engaging for their patrons as well as the team. A full sized hand pulled rickshaw, a popular symbol of Kolkata is also a part of the layout.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Chiraag Paul, Managing Director of Proem Hospitality, “This is a very new experience even for us, as a brand and we are extremely glad to begin this journey in Bangalore. We hope the people of this city will appreciate the hard work we have put behind EatWater and the innovative and unique dishes that we have on offer.”

TFP_9742The East Indian influence in the dishes is clearly visible but they come with a twist. Items on offer like The Kosha DipQuintessentially Bengali Banana Leaf Wrap Sauce, Shukto Mousse With Fried Lentils DumplingsSplit Plea and Raw Mango Soup showcase their East Indian roots vividly.  Executive Chef for Proem Hospitality,Mr. Indraneil Chowdhury who was also present at the launch emphasized further on the recipes and his inspiration behind them, “We have done a lot of research and development behind each and every dish and we are proud of the results that have come out. It is something unique but full of flavor.”

The restaurant is located on the first floor and is open for lunch from 12noon to 3.30pm. It reopens for dinner at 7pm through till 10.30pm. EatWater has shown strong potential and received a positive response from our initial patrons. Since the menu is experimental with further R&D, the team plans to make the menu even more dynamic and lucrative.